Friday, 11 January 2013

Ghost Ship - Expansion #3

So I've been thinking about what I intend to do with the expanded Ghost Ship idea, and what I hope to achieve. Since Craig showed me the cruise ship level from Uncharted 3 I've been fixated on this luxurious, grand dining hall shot. While they are muted, the colours in the scene are fantastic, and really give it an air of personality and charm.

I'd love to be able to fit this kind of environment into the project, I feel it'd add a lot of character to the scene and would really vibe with the ghost ship theme, giving both an air of majesty and tragedy. Because of this, I've been thinking about some way of fitting in both the main deck and this grand hall, in a way that feels fluid and organic. Since these two areas would usually be quite far apart from each other, I may have to improvise a little and change the layout of a normal cruise ship. Given that this project is steeped in fantasy already, I don't think this will make much of a difference..

The layout of this Disney Cruise Line ship is pretty near to what I want, as the deck and main hall are very close. Of course, here it is a theatre, but that's easy to change. If I was to pursue this idea, I'd be making just the deck and the main hall for the project, which sounds like a manageable space for the time allotted. 

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Ghost Ship - Expansion #2

I've finally settled on a mix of the Ghost Ship and the Shipwreck idea. I say a mix, as I'm tipping more towards a contemporary ship than a old Galleon or Tea Clipper. I'd been trying to settle on one of the two ideas for weeks, but I just couldn't throw away that spooky luxury cruise ghost ship idea. So, a compromise!

I kept coming back to this particular image, partially because of the sense of scale it gives. Now that I think about it, it reminds me of a level in Tomb Raider 3 where you had to board an derelict tanker in Antartica for some reason or another.. probably a key. I don't understand why Tomb Raider is having such an influence on this project, particulairly as how I haven't played the classics for over 10 years now..

This was another influential image. There's just something I find alluring about these derelict vessels, maybe it's just the mystery behind them. I'm probably alone in this fascination. I'm probably playing too much Fallout these days.

Craig showed me this image, which is from Uncharted 3, I believe. I've never played the Uncharted series before, but I know it has a wide range of environments and locales. I love this image, because it effectively combines the two ideas that I was going for. It has the eeriness of the Ghost Ship, with the grandeur and style of the Shipwreck. 

I was thinking about what I was trying to achieve with the project. Part of that, I think, is a sense of an untold story. I want the scene to give off this air of discovery, like the environment is full of clues to events that occurred, to what the people were doing before they mysteriously vanished. This scene is full of little hints. The cake is clearly a wedding cake. There are poker chips strewn across the floor. The table is set for dinner. Ect, ect. There's probably more, I'm just not very observant right now.

So, I'm leaning more towards the contemporary ship right now. I think I'm in a position where I can pursue this idea, now, as see where it leads.